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Yeast Killing Probiotics


These probiotics I offer have no harmful fillers; they get past the biofilms; they do not have to be refrigerated, and THEY KILL YEAST.


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Enzymes for Healthy Blood, Hormones and More


These systemic enzymes are a must for anyone with heart trouble, as Neprinol and Nattovena work to cleanse the blood and clear blocked arteries. I take all of the following products [except for Syntol because I do not have yeast infections; I have taken it, however, as a probiotic, and it works; it is the best on the market for any woman who gets yeast infections] as a preventative measure from future disease. I used to have environmental allergies but honestly have no more struggles since I began taking Serretia. I take Aminolase when I consume high protein drinks after workouts. I do not plan to ever live without Floraphage, a prebiotic that I take daily with my probiotics (see “Yeast Killing Probiotics” page). I also take all-natural Fibrovera and Femesse to keep my body balanced hormonally and the all-natural Profera progesterone cream. These products have zero side effects or carcinogens, unlike prescription meds. Free shipping begins at $50.00. Take 10% off your order with discount code: znve7a53 


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