Confidence Feels Better Than Any Junk Food Tastes

Yeast Killing Protobiotics

How do I know these probiotics are superior? Well, the best way to explain is by my own testimonial.


biofaseIn my 20s I had been given numerous rounds of antibiotics to fight sinus infections (before I began studying health and treating myself holistically). As a singer, all I cared about at the time was a quick fix. The doctors never told me to follow the antibiotics with probiotics. I also struggled with slight, adult acne from time to time, which the doctors explained as hormonal and led them to prescribing a birth control pill to keep my face clear for years. In the entertainment business looks are very important, so the pills to keep me singing and keep my skin clear seemed like a gift from God. I lived my life on and off of antibiotics in my twenties and early thirties. The doctors did not hesitate to prescribe them. It was all very affordable, but I had no idea how much I would have to pay health wise later on. Living in NYC for years with so much pollution did not help either. I wanted to get my system back in balance. Little did I know that the craving for sweets, which I was constantly fighting to stay at the right weight, was something my body could also free itself from by getting in balance internally. Through research I realized that over time biofilms had been created inside my digestive tract, due to the years of birth control pills and antibiotic use. I wasted hundreds of dollars on “top” probiotics before I found out that most over-the- counter probiotics cannot get through biofilms, so they will not work.


profaseI began studying more about sugar cravings in 2015. I was always healthy, comparatively speaking, so I had no idea just how much I had been missing! As I was researching, I discovered the following site, which really changed my life: Yeast Infection Advisor. I began doing everything he said. Eating plant based, I began incorporating less grains and a tad more animal protein (only hormone free chicken or wild fish, not farm raised) and began feeling so much better with more natural l-glutamine from more healthy protein to balance myself. After seeing how the site recommended colonics, I got a colonic, which confirmed that I did have candida yeast living inside my gut (a condition most people have without realizing it), which is caused by antibiotic use. This is something I took very seriously, as it can spread to affect the brain and the heart over time. As I changed my diet and killed the candida, it was like I had a new lease on life. I feel better and workout harder than I did in my twenties. It has taken a journey to get to this place—a journey which I began in 2009 when I began juicing and treating myself more holistically and one I never plan to stop. It is my pleasure to help others rid themselves of sugar cravings and have optimal energy to experience this fullness of LIFE, too.


floraphageAt the swanky spa where I had my first colonic, they sold me ONE probiotic, which cost over 100.00. They said I really needed it. They were well-meaning, but it did not work. After researching, I found out that it did not have what it takes to get past biofilms. Plus, it had harmful fillers like stearates. I have spent hundreds of dollars over the years at Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods, both in the refrigerated section of probiotics as well as on the shelf. I could not feel them helping me.


11-strain-probioticThese probiotics I offer have no harmful fillers; they get past the biofilms; though they need to be refrigerated to retain potency, they can be left out of the refrigerator for up to three weeks when traveling. Most importantly, THEY KILL YEAST. The BIOFASE is an enzyme that eats the candida yeast living in the body (alive and growing in most people without their knowledge); the PROFASE is the probiotic that supplies the body with the healthy bacteria missing, and the FLORAPHAGE is a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria from the probiotic to multiply it by 24 times! So, one Profase (with 30 billion probiotics) taken with one Floraphage (24x30) = 720 billion probiotics per capsule when taken together! The 11-STRAIN PROBIOTIC POWDER is also powerful. You take it in water on an empty stomach, and this is a quick way to hydrate the colon and get all 11 strains of probiotics that everyone needs. This also does not require refrigeration. (At this time, I rotate between this one day and the Profase the next day. Everyone is different. I have found my body works best with this regimen only once per day on an empty stomach, whereas some people need more. Just go with what makes you feel best). The MICROFASE is a combination of herbs, specifically designed for gut balance. The ACIDOPHOLUS AND BIFIDUS are also a top seller in that these are basic probiotics that everyone needs. The best for anyone with sugar cravings would be the Profase, because it is formulated to kill yeast.


microfaseI honestly feel better today than I ever have. I got my certification as a health coach to help others. The journey continues as I thank God every day for the gift of feeling my best NATURALLY. No one can be responsible for what you put in your mouth but you. Choosing to eat right and do what is necessary to heal naturally is a gift only you can give yourself. Yes, it costs money, but it is worth every penny to feel good and far less expensive than wasting money on junk food and high-priced preservative laden, hormone filled “foods” in restaurants over time, not to mention future doctor’s bills.


The gut is called the “second brain,” because it affects the brain, not the other way around. When your gut is in balance you will sleep better, think better and know how it feels to live life at YOUR best, which affects every aspect of who you are.  


acidophilu-bifidius-probioticOrder these probiotics, and work with me to break your sugar addiction. Give yourself time to feel better. Your body did not get out of balance overnight. Look at this as a new way of life and something to stick with for the rest of your life. In about 6 months you will feel like a new person. Stay on it all to stay in balance. Avoid too many grains and especially yeasty sweets. The key to health is balance. Go to Yeast Infection Advisor for testimonials on these products and more information.