Confidence Feels Better Than Any Junk Food Tastes


Tired of one-size-fits-all approaches to dieting?

Drained from toxic relationships?

Overwhelmed by stress at work? 

Fed up with those nagging cravings?

Want to feel great in your body?

Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s empowering and exciting?

My Health Coaching Emphasis to Help You Feel Better

I am a certified health coach with a focus on helping people break sugar addictions, lose weight and heal from IBS and candida by developing a new lifestyle of fresh vegetables (non-GMO, organic is recommended), hormone-free animal protein, no cow's milk and no grain and low glycemic fruits only such as berries, lemons, limes and grapefruit. The grain industry--including gluten free, organic non-GMO corn, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, and steel cut oats--has changed over time and is no longer what it used to be. These modern-day, refined grains wreak havoc on the digestive system. They turn into sugar in the body and cause candida, which is a stubborn fungus that feeds on sugar causing an imbalance in the digestion. In order to heal I recommend all vegetable days (raw is the best) with healthy oils like avocado, coconut and olive oil and a small portion of healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts. I also recommend eating paleo, which consists of only healthy vegetables, low glycemic fruits like grapefruit, lemon, limes and berries and hormone-free animal protein in order to break sugar addiction and heal digestion. For more information on killing candida go to and sign up for his newsletters.

Together we will:

  • Connect the dots between who you are and who you want to be
  • Create your personal blueprint
  • Decipher your body’s unique needs
  • Set your personal goals and work towards sustainable change

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free initial consultation with me.
During this session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you in achieving your goals.

What are you waiting for? Let's do this!