Confidence Feels Better Than Any Junk Food Tastes

My Story

My Story

IMG_1509November 2017:

My personal testimonial as of November 7, 2017: I just had my hormone levels checked, along with blood tests for cholesterol levels (for the first time in my life). The nurse just called with results and said, “The doctor was very impressed. Your levels are better than good. They are excellent.” Now, I realize that good health is a gift from God and there is only so much I can do about it. But, as you know, I do try my best. The blood work showed everything to be excellent, and the nurse said my cholesterol was “better than good.” Every time I get my blood pressure taken for anything, the doctors and the nurses all say the same thing, “Your blood pressure is so excellent and low.” My vitamin D levels were perfect, along with my estrogen and testosterone, cholesterol and sugar. Also, my thyroid was perfect. I am only saying that I am convinced that my healthy lifestyle pays off. I may not have as much money in the bank as I could have otherwise, but I have myself everywhere I go. My only hope in sharing any health tip or working with anyone to get healthier is to sincerely help someone be all he or she can be. I take zero prescription drugs. I AM SO HAPPY AND THANKFUL AND AM ABSOLUTELY LOVING MAKING THE MOST OF EVERY DAY!! Taking care of yourself is a gift no one else can give to you but YOU. And there is only one you.




 January 2018:my-story-jan-2018

Newfound joy in intermittent fasting: Last month I went to Cabo San Lucas, MX. As soon as I arrived I took a taxi to get some healthy food at an organic grocery store in Cabo to enable me to prepare organic smoothies from my kitchen and stick with my clean eating routine to feel my best while in Mexico, continuing to make my abstinence from sugar my top priority. I worked out on the beach, hiked, worked out in the gym daily and for the first time succeeded in actually enjoying eating nothing past 5:00 several nights. I loved going to bed on an empty stomach and waking up without feeling the least bit hungry. Most of my adult life I spent saving my calories per day to enjoy dinner as my main meal, but now I prefer light dinners to a heavy one any night of the week because of how good it makes me feel the next day. I enjoy eating my main meal as a late lunch to skip dinner altogether or only sip bone broth or soup at night or have a decaf bulletproof coffee or sugar-free hot chocolate mixed with soymilk, unsweetened cocoa and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Feeling so great on this new routine of intermittent fasting from time to time at night!





IMG_6196May 2018:


My personal growth as of May 8, 2017: For the first time in my life, I am working out now with weights, great for resting metabolism, heart and bone health. I am back to where I was in my twenties also on the treadmill doing 4.5 miles—5.5 of speed walking for 30 minutes per day. I feel better about myself than I did in my twenties with confidence within, due to the fact that I eat much better now and am thinner. Yesterday in Manhattan, I walked 15.8 miles around the city (according to my fitness watch) and did not even feel tired. I just found out that for my age I am actually in the athlete zone with my resting heart rate of 56. This made my day! (caveat: Resting heart rate is important for all of us. Too high a resting heart rate can be the first warning sign for a stroke later on. It is controlled also by diet, including the amount of caffeine and sugar we eat. Keep tabs on it with a fitness watch and THIS resting heart rate chart).








June 2018:


I checked my resting heart rate, and it was at 51, an all-time low. It is worth all of the working out and eating right. I am still not eating at night, for the most part, and either doing the treadmill or walking miles in NYC daily. Still lifting weights at least 3 times a week. I am not doing it to lose weight, as I am at the right weight. It is worth all of the effort for my heart health, healthy bones and alkalinity.









IMG_6955August 2018:

I now speed walk and jog for 45-60 minutes most every day. I miss it when I have to miss a day. My heart has evidently gotten stronger, because it is not even difficult to go at this pace. Instead, it is addictive and invigorating! I have gotten my resting heart rate as low as 47 this summer, and I am now up to 4.5-6.0 on the treadmill for the first 30 minutes and 4.0-6.0 for the next 15 to 30 minutes. My resting heart rate is in the 50s as a norm in the “ athlete zone,” even better than the 60s, which is still considered good heart health. Last weekend this photo was taken at the Atlanta Colonic and Massage, as I am all booked up now as a freelance health coach until this winter. Now, I am not only successfully helping people break sugar addiction and lose weight, along with a focus on achieving optimal digestion, but I am also helping women balance their hormones naturally through an herbal and systemic enzyme combination that make us feel our best at any age. As women age, many believe that uncomfortable symptoms of menopause are normal. They are not when the body is balanced. (See “Enzymes” page for more). I am living proof, as my energy seems to be increasing the older I get in perfect balance hormonally—the natural way. I am currently working with women from NYC to Nashville and Atlanta, all by phone, text and email with attention to each client daily to help them succeed and break toxic food addictions. I have never felt more fulfilled in the joy of taking care of myself and helping others to take care of themselves, too.




--Dwayna Litz